Classroom Regioning Commands

There are a set of classroom region commands of which their function is pretty obvious:

  • classrooms-create: creates a classroom - /classrooms-create <Worldguard Region Name> <Type> <Class Region Type> <Region Description>

  • classrooms-modify: modifys a classroom - /classrooms-modify <Worldguard Region Name> <Property> [property data]

  • classrooms-delete: deletes a classroom - /classrooms-delete <Worldguard Region Name>

  • classrooms-addseat: adds a seat to a classroom - /classrooms-addseat then right click the seat to place

  • classrooms-addseatitem: adds a seat item - /classrooms-addseatitem then right click the seat to associate with, then the item.

  • classrooms-removeseat: removes a seat - /classrooms-removeseat and right click a seat

  • classrooms-removeseatitem: removes a seat item - /classrooms-removeseatitem then right click the seat its associated with, then the item.

  • classrooms-addingredientshelf: adds a potion ingredient shelf, or removes it if there is one present already - /classrooms-addingredientshelf then right click the potion shelf location to add or remove.


/language [code] will allow a user to set their language. Example: /language es


/schedule will allow a user to see their personal schedule. /schedule all will allow them to see all classes scheduled.


This command exists to be used by the quiz questions. A user should not use this command at all, therefore no further information will be provided about it.


/electives will display a user’s possible electives if they are above 3rd year.


Used by professors to grade a student’s work. They must hold a book turned in with the /turnin. /grade [O|E|A|P|D|T]


A command that turns homework in for a subject / class number. The class number is the simple order of the classes (ie: the first class you attend in that subject is #1) When you turn in a book, it must be signed by you, and then the first two pages are filled in with content for the plugin and professor. This means you can only use 48 out of the 50 pages!

/turnin [SUBJECT] [Class Number]


A command for 6th and 7th years who have never taken an exam in 5th year to year down to 5th year so they can take OWLs, they do need to get experience and points to year up but only their year is changed for this de-level. Yes they are year locked for spells