Staff Roles on Hogwarts

So, you want to help out on the Hogwarts side of Knockturn, great! We’re always looking for new dedicated people to work alongside us! However, depending on the role, there are requirements to be accepted.

Where do I apply?

Please go to, and create an account if you do not have one yet. Then locate ‘Staff Applications’, create a New Topic, and fill it out according to the format it gives you. Make sure the topic line is correctly done!!

What are the basic requirements?

  • MOST, but not all roles require you to be a 2nd year student on Hogwarts. This is to weed out people who would only work for a week or two then quit the server entirely.

  • A good standing. This means you do not have a reputation for causing trouble. Staff are given special perms and a layer of trust, and we need to know the people working for the server aren’t going to sabotage our efforts instead.

  • Age requirement? There are a small selection of roles that have an age requirement. The exact value is not known.

What roles are there?

Owner and Co-Owners - Dark Red Brackets

  • You cannot apply for this role.

  • Duties include

    • Handling Ban Appeals

    • Handling Magical Applications

    • Handling Name Changes

    • Resolving issues that occurred through bugs/glitches

    • Hosting Quidditch Matches

    • Final voice on punishments for permanent bans/mutes

    • Paying staff

    • Introducing new content to the server

Admins - Light Red Brackets

  • You cannot apply for this role

  • Duties include

    • Regioning for shops/apartments

    • Handling shops and apartments

    • Check for Build Violations

    • Returning wands from lost and found

    • Dealing with thieves

    • Responding to Staff Applications and giving permissions

    • Events (Regular and RP)

Moderators - Blue Brackets

  • Requirements for applying to the role

    • 2Y+

  • Duties include

    • Moderating chat for rulebreakers

    • Voting on staff applications

    • Helping Newbs

    • Supporting Helpers

    • LESS PRIORITY - Things to do if everything else has been handled

      • Helping Admins check for build violations

      • Monitor prof taught classes/bot taught classes

Staff Head Role

  • Requirements

    • Be an admin or moderator

  • Duties

    • Keep staff, helpers, and PA’s lists up to date

    • Prepare staff reviews

    • Ensure staff are fulfilling duties

    • Support staff in their various roles

Club Head

  • Requirements

    • Be an admin or moderator

  • Duties

    • Track official clubs

    • Manage club applications

    • Manage clubs

Lore Head

  • Requirements

    • Be an admin or moderator

  • Duties

    • Test Lore Team applicants on writing skill

    • Manage lore for subjects that don’t have any heads

Marketing Head

  • Requirements

    • Be an admin or moderator

  • Duties

    • Manage various social media outlets to advertise the server

Professor - Purple Brackets

  • Requirements

    • Be 2y+

  • Duties

    • Teach classes

    • Revise curriculum for improvement

    • Grade Homework

    • Enforce roleplay rules

    • Vote on staff applications

Lore Team - Gold Brackets

  • Requirements

    • Decent Writing Skill

    • Able/Willingness to learn use of Git

  • Duties

    • Write lore for the Hogwarts server

Builder - Dark Aqua Brackets

  • Requirements

    • Be 2Y+

    • Provable skill at building

  • Duties

    • Build on the server

Developer - Dark Aqua Brackets

  • Requirements

    • Knowledge on coding/willingness to work hard to learn

  • Duties

    • Code custom plugins or spells for the server

Helper - Green Brackets

  • Requirements

    • Be 2Y+

    • Have proficient knowledge about the server

  • Duties

    • Guide new folk who enter the server

    • Answer helpop tickets

    • Help those asking for it on all chats

Professor Assistant - Light Purple Brackets

  • Requirements

    • Be 2Y+

  • Duties

    • Assist professors in classes