How to Submit a Ticket

So you found a bug on Knockturn and you want to submit a ticket. Here is some guidelines to follow.

Step One - Identify the Plugin

Attempt to identify the plugin or content that is causing the issue. If you cannot, try your best and just report it on git. It will get moved to the right project as long as you put it in git. If it is not a Knockturn Plugin, you can still report it on git, we just might not be able to fix it.

Step Two - Is your bug already reported?

Please be sure to check this, if not you’re going to be spamming developers with duplicated reports.

Step Three - Are you reporting because you need something only?

If you are looking for an item to be given/returned to you, all requests go in Support on the forums. Please do not litter git with your request for items, it just makes more work for admins and we will have to move it.

Step Four - Filling out the ticket


Please select the issue template, if you have the ability to. If not a good format is:

# Summary

[content here]

# Steps to Reproduce

Things you need to do to reproduce the bug.

# Other Notes

[content here]

# Server Information

Which server:
Which version of Spigot: [1.13.2, 1.14.3...]
Other details...

Then fill in the description, and anything else you CAN fill in, put anything you did to cause the issue in the notes section. If you can’t fill in anything else, that is okay.

Then please make sure you assign the ticket to the correct dev, look for the Developer on the project page. If there is more than one, pick one.

After that, you don’t need to do anything else. Submit the issue and you’re done.