Classrooms Plugin

The Classrooms plugin is a new plugin on Knockturn, currently in it’s first version. It’s main function is providing users with the ability to attend automated classrooms. In future versions, more functions will be available.

Code Contributors

  • Pandette

QA Testers

  • Gareott Armstrong

  • Carter Bell

  • Lucky Barnes

  • Gracen Bell

  • James Strange

  • Daniel Owens

  • Crystal Stone

  • Emily Stump

  • Keyla Weasley

  • Micheal King

  • Becky Delacour

  • Magdalene Mulciber

  • Hari Bell

  • Julietta McKinley

  • Ryder Blackthorn

  • Haley Robertson

  • Jordan Owen

  • Erika McGonagall

  • Sydney Blackthorn

  • Axel King

  • Johnny Krum

  • Meyer Ellis

  • Michelle King

  • Narcissa Riddle

  • Theo Harrison

  • Bellona Spiritus

  • Smile Stone

  • Pandetta Bell


Master Branch Javadocs

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Up Coming Planned Features

These features are currently planned to be released in upcoming patches, but have no defined patch set for them. This is just a list to stop people from pestering Pandette about features she ‘didn’t think of’ but clearly was thinking about it all along. This list will be modified as features that are planned are revealed.

  • Boss Bar for announcing classes.

  • Roleplay Professors : These professors will be able to host a single class once a day in a subject they have passed the NEWTs for.

  • Spell items being visible for users to change

  • Moving NPCs (professor mostly)

  • Visible class mate npcs

  • Quest/Tasks for homework