Snowball Menu


The sign can be placed if the user has the sign permission with the word [Snowball] which will automatically turn blue if it functioned. If you did not have permission it will fall off the wall.

To Play

Players select a team to start a round. The teams will be 5 random colors from a list of 9 possible colors. Players can select a team to play. When they select a team the plugin will attempt to give the player a snowball. If it does not success there is a menu option for players to get a snowball. Players can leave the game if they wish, but once the game is started they cannot rejoin.

The goal of the game is to hit other people with snowballs more often than other people hit you. At the end the scoreboard will displays all the teams scores.

Players hit by a snowball will receive blindness as if they cant see bc of being hit in the face.