How to Earn Money

Killing Mobs

Mobs are creatures that can be found all over Hogwarts. Finding the areas where mobs are can require a bit of adventure and exploring.

Upon finding the area, you will see mobs moving about. Different types of mobs drop different amounts of galleons as well as give you different amounts of experience that contribute towards yearing up (/profile). Casting certain spells on mobs will damage them. Some spells are more effective in harming mobs than others.

Be sure to be aware of your surroundings as some mobs are harmful and can sneak up behind you.

NOTE: Please be careful when casting spells as PVP is still against the rules in these areas. Make sure to read over our server rules carefully to avoid breaking any of them and facing the consequences. Player jerkiness is something we do not tolerate here. If you are seemingly taking other player’s exp/galleons from their mob kills, or if you are casting in their direction and they have told you to stop, or if you are ‘hogging’ the mobs, staff will look into the situation and further action can be taken. Share the space and be mindful of other players. There are plenty of other mob areas too if one seems too crowded.

Starting a Shop

Once you own a shop space or apartment in locations such as Diagon Alley, Knockturn Alley, Yorkshire, London, or Hogsmeade, players can start their very own shops to sell items. You have to own a shop/apartment or be a member of one to build in it. To create a shop using our server’s Kshops plugin, follow these steps:

  1. Place down a sign (either on a wall, on a block, on the ground) anywhere. This is where your shop will be so you want it to be easily seen and found by players.

  2. Edit the sign message so the first line says: [shop] [shop] must be in the first line or it will not work.

  3. Press Done

  4. You should now see in chat: [Shops] Type a name/amount in the chat. Type cancel to cancel. Type the name you would like for your shop. Choose something short and catchy. You can change the name of your shop anytime after the shop is created. If you type cancel, the shop will not be made and you can simply delete the sign and start over.

  5. Once the shop has been successfully created, you should then see in chat: [Shops] Shops has been created!

  6. Click on the shop sign to open the shop menu.

  7. Your shop is set to Close by default when creating it. To open the shop, click the chest at the top of the menu.

  8. Hover over each object on the menu for further details.

To add items to your shop:
  1. Go into the shop menu

  2. Click on an item in your inventory to add it to the shop. Note: if you have a stack of multiple items, they will all be added to the shop Note: you can remove items any time and get them all back in your inventory (unless they are bought by other players)

  3. If you hover over the item you added to the shop, it will say: Item unavailable Right click on the item and an edit menu will appear. You need to click the red square that says: Buy Item - Off The square should turn green and now say: Buy Item - On, coins should also appear next to the square

  4. Right now your item is free and you want to make money so click a coin to modify the Buy Price. The shop menu should go away and in chat should be: [Shops] Type a name/amount in the chat. Type cancel to cancel. Type the price you would like (if you clicked the galleon, type a number to have the item cost that number of galleons)

  5. There are many other options you can choose with your items and your shop. You can change the amount of items sold at one time. You can have players sell items to your shop. You can rearrange the items in your shop. You can also remove the items at any time.

To delete your shop:
If you would like to delete the shop, you must remove all items from your shop then you can simply break the sign.

In chat you should see: [Shops] Do you want to break this shop? [yes/no]. Type cancel to cancel.

Type in chat: yes If you change your mind, simply type in chat: no (or cancel) You can also choose to close your shop anytime so that it remains there just not open.

[Shops] Commands:
/kshops move (shopid) – moves shop sign to new location

– stand with your back turned to where you would like the new location of your shop to be

/kshops list (page) – lists ALL shops /kshops owner (ign) (page) – lists shops owned by a person /kshops shopinfo (shopid) – gives info. about a shop

Apply for Job/Staff Role

It is possible to have a job on the server if the opportunity presents itself to you. Players with shops may hire workers or may be looking for help. There may be other opportunities such as someone needing help with a task in Towny or Miningworld. You can use > to ask in market chat or use the #market channel on the Discord server.

Our server is always looking for players to help improve the community. If you wish to apply for a staff role, look on the discourse site for all staff applications. It should be kept in mind that applying for a position solely for the reason of receiving payment will not get your application Approved. We look for dedicated players who we feel will best contribute to improving our staff team.

Other Methods

Use > for the market chat on the server and the #market channel on the discord if you have items to sell, services to offer, or a shop to advertise.

Note: (What NOT to do)

NO Begging Begging for money/galleons or jobs is not permitted in the server. Begging qualifies as anything that involves asking for money or asking for ‘donations’. Everyone is expected to earn their own money. Anyone who gives you money because they want to can, but asking for it, especially in global, is expressly not allowed. Also, begging for jobs or for people to hire you is not allows.

FAQ about Money:

  1. Why can’t my towny money switch to the main world?

    Because towny money is earned from the /sell command which is not permitted in main world.

  2. Why don’t we just have server shops to sell things?

    Because we are trying to encourage user shops and killing mobs/future quests.

  3. I bought something but my galleons disappeared help!

    Most likely your galleons appear missing but if you relog they will return

  4. What is the fastest way to get galleons?

    At this time, killing shep or toadstools is probably the best method.

  5. Why did my staff application get denied? I’m poor.

    There could be several reasons why your application got denied. One of those reasons could be that our staff team feels you can improve in certain areas. If we feel you are applying for the wrong reasons, this could get your application denied as well.