Traveling around Hogwarts can be an interesting experience. Here is how to do it.

Floo Powder

The best way to travel. To use it, buy some at Wizacre’s in Diagon, it’s on the main strip, just past the icecream parlor, on the right side if you are facing gringotts. To use it, throw it in the first, step in, and speak your destination, ie: ‘great hall’. You can also speak gibberish to go to a random location. Additionally, the spell Flammus Revelius allows you to see the name of a floo.


You cannot apparate til year 6, and once you do it will require you buy an apparation license. You can apparate to a location with apparate x y z, or to a person with apparate p: name.


Taking the Train to hogwarts as well as carriages to Hogsmeade are also possible. The carriage to Hogsmeade is in Hogsmeade station, or at Hagrid’s hut. You can only enter if you are year 3.


After you buy a broom you can fly at Hogwarts and Hogsmeade with it, or anywhere in towny or the quidditch pitch. To fly a broom, say up while holding it. Use wasd and your mouse to steer. Use the space bar to accelerate and q to dismount.


If you come across one of these, they will teleport you to a destination. Use your drop key to use it. They are a one time use item.


There are two taxis and two trains that will help you travel to places. The taxi at spawn takes you to King’s Cross Station. From there, you can go to Platform 9 3/4 to take the train to Hogwarts. You can also take the train to Yorkshire. Outside the train station in Yorkshire is a taxi that takes you to Upper Flagley.