Dorm Rooms

House Command

When you use /house, it’ll give you a lot of information about the house you have been sorted into. It’ll tell you your password, head of house, Quidditch captain, and your previous prefects. The Head of your House is the person who changes your house password. And your Quidditch Captain hosts the tryouts for your team! To become a prefect, you must obtain a higher amount of house points than the previous one.


The first line of information in /house is your password. Stand near the… Portrait for Gryffindor, Wall behind the barrel for Hufflepuff, Door for Ravenclaw, and Wall between the webs for Slytherin. Put ? in front of your sentence, then your password. Like ?Password. If you’re in the correct area and close enough to the door, it should open!

Sharing Passwords

Under no circumstances should you share your house password. If you are caught doing so, you will be severely punished.

Using a Dorm Chest

Dorm Chests can be found within the dorms of your common room. These chests are like the enderchests found throughout the school. Everyone that’s the same gender and in your house, can use these chests, but only access their own stuff. MAKE SURE YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT GENDER DORM. Wixes can access the chests in both dorms.

Quidditch Chest

Outside the dorm, there is one more chest. This is the Quidditch chest. Any player may add things to the chest, but ONLY ADMINS+ AND THE OWNER OF THE CHEST can take from it. This chest is meant to hold applications to join. Please do not clutter the chest with unwanted items.