Lesson Activities


A lecture is just that, it lectures at you. The professor could be talking, or a student, or it could be an action. Depends on how the person writes it. It will not be interactive at all.


There are two question types at the moment:

Multiple Choice

These questions allow you to select an answer from a list of answer. If you select the right one, you may get points, unless its an opinion question

Single Answer

This question type means you have to match what the professor expects you to say. There is room for typos, and the professor can provide a list of answer, it doesn’t have to be a single one. IE: bear, black bear, brown bear, big dog are able to be listed, and you get the answer correct if you answer any on the list.

Spell Learning

This step allows you to cast spells until you cast the amount the teacher would like you to cast. It will not move on until you have cast it, and it will tell you the spell and movements again after 3 minutes.

Spell Quiz

You have a limited amount of time to try to cast a spell that professor asks you to cast. It will move on if you fail to do it within the time limit or if you do it successfully.

Ingredient Step

In the ingredient step, you must go to the potion shelves and find your ingredients. They will be spread out amongst all the potion shelves in the room, and mixed in with bad ingredients. The message will reduce every time you find a new ingredient and be sent every 2 minutes. You can get up to 3 points for successfully selecting the correct ingredients, and get a lower grade if you just click through them without care.

Ingredient Quiz Step

No difference between above step, except specified for exams.

Potion Learning

This step gives you instructions on how to perform a potion and only moves on when you do it correctly. Compatible brewing step types are: cutting, crushing, brewing, distilling

Potion Quiz

This gives you the last step in a potion ingredient and waits for you to perform the potion. You do not have to do it in the same order as Potion Learning as of v1.0. Perhaps in the future that may be required.

Quest Task

A quest task is a type of task that hooks into the quests plugin and can do any task referenced there.


As of v1.3 only essay homework can be completed. Coming in 1.4 quest homework should be functional.