Lessons supports 6 user roles:

  • Professor

  • Assistant

  • Active Student

  • Legacy Student

  • Staff Legacy Student

  • RP Professor

While all roles are currently present in Classrooms, not all are active. This section will discuss only the roles currently being used.

Active Student

An active student role will be able to attend class. They can attend any subject that matches their year, but they are required to right click a seat available in the room during seating. This will allow them to attend the class in order, and eventually to take the exams associated with the class.

Active student is the only one allowed to participate in certain classroom activities, whereas everyone else is just a listener, or in the case of professors, speaker.

In automated classes, the class will pause when the active student needs to participate in something. An active student must attend all required classes and their exams to year up.

Legacy Student

A legacy student is a student without staff permissions who is able to attend any class lower than their year, or, a student who has already completed all the classes of this current subject and also finished all exam attempts for this subject. They do not have to attend the class for credit, and the class will not pause for them, because they are not active participants. Legacy students join a class by standing in the region when it swaps from seating to started.

Legacy Staff Student

A legacy staff student is a Legacy student with staff permissions. This will allow them to assist users with staff commands and also access their potion setup to help them with potion making.