Where to report Problems

I have a problem with…..

The Donation Shop

Post to the support section on the forums, and ping Pandette. Also, direct message her on discord. If it’s related to the donation shop do not hesitate to ask. This is one of the few times where Pandette would like you to contact her directly.

A Mean Player

Post this to the support section on forums. Try not to address the issue yourself, and let staff resolve it.

Lost Stuff

Post this to the support section on the forums. Also if the loss was due to a bug, add an additional post in the Bug Reports forums if one doesn’t already exist.

Bug with a Plugin

Please report this to a specific plugin on Knockturn’s Gitea You can make an account for free here, and then find the project and specify the issue. If you get the wrong project that’s okay, we will assign it to the correct place as long as it is under the knockturn group we will see it.