Rules: Abridged

If you’ve see our rules list, you know we have a long rules list, so to make joining easier, here are the basic rules we want you to know before joining!

For an expansion and better explanation on any of these rules, please see the Rules: Indepth section

Basic Rules


You are required to follow all rules on Rules: Indepth, but this is a shorter list for you to read.


We expect all chat to remain clean and free of swears if it is in a location that a large majority of people have access to. We also do not allow taboo subjects that cause arguments or aren’t spoke around children under the age of 10. (Even though all children on here should be 13 or older.). We also ask that there be no spam of any form in global or local chats that would annoy other people.

Respect & Politeness

All users should be respectful and polite to those around them. This means you won’t be going out of your way to offend or upset anyone.


It’s considered a serious and very bannable offense to advertise, whether you advertise another server on Knockturn or advertise Knockturn on another server.


At this point most people know what trolling is, and you know it’s just not permitted.

Requesting Staff

Do not request staff, just go on the forum. In the same vein, do not attempt to perform a staff job, thats what staff are for.

Staff Progression of Questions

Ask Helper’s before any other staff member, and ask Pandette something only if another staff member told you to (or some doc on here told you to.)


All avatars should be fully clothed and dressed appropriately. We don’t want to see anything you wouldn’t see in a PG movie.

Appropriate Roleplay Name & Usernames

We ask that all names be appropriate when chosen, and additionally, since your username is still always visible, your username.


Don’t grief or steal.

External Programs

Knockturn has a permitted list of mods, don’t just use whatever you like. Hacking and ddosing is forbidden (and illegal). Using anything that gives you unfair advantage over another user is forbidden.

Intentional Lag of the Server

Don’t intentionally lag it.

Exploiting of Bugs

Report all bugs immediately, do not exploit them.

Staff Word is Law

If a staff member says it, it can only be contradicted by a higher staff member. You obey the lower staff member until you hear it contradicted.

Unopened Areas

If it’s not open to the public don’t be there.

Drunk in Global or On Hogwarts Grounds

Don’t drunk talk in global or be drunk on hogwarts grounds.


Begging is annoying, don’t do it.