How to Chat


  • Symbol - N/A

  • Permissions - ALL

Local chat is the basic chat. It has a range of 50 blocks and is used for chatting with those nearby, as well as to roleplay. To use it, just simply type without using any kind of symbol or command before it.


  • Symbol - @

  • Permissions - ALL

Whisper is a smaller range local chat, of about 5 or less blocks. This is a handy chat to use when, for example, you’re in class and want to chat with nearby students without the professor yelling at you for it. To use this chat, simply type a “@” before your desired text. Example: “@Ooo this is cool for telling secrets!”


  • Symbol - !

  • Permissions - ALL

Global is the chat that can be seen by everyone in any of the servers. Due to that, it has a cooldown of 7 seconds, so it won’t spam the other servers with unneeded topics for them, as well as not spamming the IRC and Discord. To use Global, type a “!” before whatever you’re wanting to talk about. Example: “!Hello everyone online!”

House Chat

  • Symbol - ?

  • Permissions - ALL

House chat is where you can talk to the other people in your house only. This chat won’t be accessible until you are sorted. You can always at least try and socialize with your house buddies by chatting here, since it creates a more welcoming feeling. To chat with your housemates simply type a “?” alike to what was said before. Example: “?So anyone wanna play Snaps in the common room?”

Class Chat

  • Symbol - N/A

  • Permissions - ALL

Class chat is, as it might be obvious, the chat when you’re in class. It works like local chat, as you can’t see the actual local during the class. You can also not see Global, IRC and Discord chats. Professors can’t see any chat in class besides the class chat itself. Professors have pink chat and their assistants have white chat. Students’ chat is a light shade of gray.

Roleplay Chat

  • Symbol - ,

  • Permissions - ALL

Roleplay chat is used to roleplay in a local setting. You should only use this when you are in character.

Market Chat

  • Symbol - >

  • Permissions - ALL

The Market chat is a chat for selling things. It is used as a player-to-players channel to advertise buying and selling in-game items, acting similarly to a market. To avoid spam buying/selling, the market chat has a 1 minute cooldown imposed. To use it, type a “>” before what you want to say. Example: “>Selling a shulker box! Message me for prices.”

Year Chat

  • Symbol - $

  • Permissions - ALL

The Year chat is a chat for chatting with people in your same year. To use it, type a “$” before what you want to say. Example: “$Who’s going to class?”

Helper Chat

  • Symbol - +

  • Permissions - Helper, Mod, Admin, Owner

Helper chat is visible for helpers and Mod+. It’s used for easier communication between helpers and the remaining staff, such as knowing which newbies are being helped or a Helper asking any question they have to a higher staff member. This chat uses the symbol “+”. Example: “Newbs good or any needing help?”

Professor Chat

  • Symbol - ]

  • Permissions - Professor Assistant, Professor, Owner

Professor chat is visible for Professor Assistants, Professors and Admin+. It’s used for Professors to discuss certain matters with each other, as well as communicate with any Professor Assistants that are available to help in guiding or assisting the class. The symbol used is “]”. Example: “]Anyone wanna guide?”

Staff Chat

  • Symbol - #

  • Permissions - Lore, Mod, Admin, Owner

Staff chat is for Builders and Mod+. It’s for discussing general staff matters and to as most other chat s promote the communication between smaller groups, when needed. For this chat, use “#”. Example: “#Someone is being a bad noodle in Entrance Hall.. :/”

Admin Chat

  • Symbol - ~

  • Permissions - Admin, Owner

Admin chat is for more serious topics, for Admins and Owners. If you ever get to that rank, the chat symbol is “~”. Example: “~This person is having perm issues, anything we can do?”


Knockturn has a Discord server, which you can get to by simply asking someone for the link as anyone can create an ‘Instant Invite’. Our Discord includes a relay to the server, on the #minecraft-server channel. To speak to the server, type “~” before your message. Typing only certain words will have a specific function: “~players” gives you the online player list with roleplay names, and “~mplayers” does the same, except with usernames. Example: “~Helloo from the other siiide..”

Information in chat

There’s a lot you can know about someone just from knowing what information chat gives. If you hover your mouse over their name, you will see a few things, in this order:

  • Rank (Staff and which or not staff);

  • RP Name

  • HP Year;

  • HP House;

You can tell if a player is staff or not, as well as which rank, by the color of their brackets: * Light Green Brackets - Helper * Pink Brackets - Professor Assistant * Purple Brackets - Professor * Aqua Brackets - Builder * Gold Brackets - Lore Team * Blue Brackets - Mod * Light Red Brackets - Admin (usually red chat) * Red Brackets - Owner/OP (usually red chat too)

Some people have their names in a different color from others too: * Green - Slytherin Prefect * Dark Blue - Ravenclaw Prefect * Yellow - Hufflepuff Prefect * Red - Gryffindor Prefect * Pink - Head Boy/Head Girl * Purple - Graduate