Common Commands


If you do /profile, you’re shown a treasure trove of information! And if you do /profile [IGN of another player], you see their information! Your Gender

  • Your IGN

  • Your House

  • Current exp until you can year up.

  • Broom Level and exp till you level up

  • Your Current Name

  • Your Birth Name

  • Your Current Year

  • Your Blood (pure, half, muggleborn)

  • Your alignment

  • Total number of House points earned

  • Your Current Tier and exp till you level up

  • A link to an expanded profile telling you more details about your family and spell casting, as well as when you joined.


You can use this command to ask questions of staff members, helpers +. If on the server, just make a /helpop and your ticket will be answered if someone is online to answer it.


Unless you own an office, apartment, or shop on the Hogwarts server, and/or have chests in the other servers, you won’t really need to know these commands. If you do own a chest, here’s some useful commands to know!
  • /lock - locks the chest so only you have access.

  • /lock [IGN] - locks the chest and allows the person with that IGN to have access

  • /unlock - unlocks the chest, it is now open to the public

  • /c info - tells you information about the chest, such as who owns it.

  • /c modify - allows you to modify the chest, such as adding another user or password.

  • /lwc mode persist - if you use this first, you don’t need to redo /lock or /unlock each time.


To see your class schedule use /schedule to see everyone’s use /schedule all


/date and /calendar will help you know the current time on the server.