Common Commands


If you do /profile, you’re shown a treasure trove of information! And if you do /profile [IGN of another player], you see their information!
  • Your Gender

  • Your IGN

  • Your House

  • Current exp until you can year up.

  • Broom Level and exp till you level up

  • Your Current Name

  • Your Birth Name

  • Your Current Year

  • Your Blood (pure, half, muggleborn)

  • Your alignment

  • Total number of House points earned

  • Your Current Tier and exp till you level up

  • Your report card and class progress


You can use this command to ask questions of staff members, helpers +. If on the server, just make a /helpop and your ticket will be answered if someone is online to answer it. If your helpop involves something that needs an admin (shops/regions) or an owner (name/gender change, floo) check there is one online using /list first.


Unless you own an office, apartment, or shop on the Hogwarts server, and/or have chests in the other servers, you won’t really need to know these commands. If you do own a chest, here’s some useful commands to know!
  • /lock - locks the chest so only you have access.

  • /lock [IGN] - locks the chest and allows the person with that IGN to have access

  • /unlock - unlocks the chest, it is now open to the public

  • /c info - tells you information about the chest, such as who owns it.

  • /c modify - allows you to modify the chest, such as adding another user or password.

  • /lwc mode persist - if you use this first, you don’t need to redo /lock or /unlock each time.


This commands will be helpful while attending classes and getting the requirements needed to year up!
  • /schedule - to see your schedule

  • /schedule all - to see everyone’s schedule

  • /homework <subject> <lesson number> - checks your homework assignment

  • /turnin <subject> <lesson number> - turns in your homework assignment

  • /guidelist -g - see the list of guides

  • /guide <guide name> - start a guide (must be where the guide starts)


This commands are helpful when casting spells and tiering up!
  • /spellinfo <spell name> <ign> - looks at a person’s current

  • /advancedspellinfo - toggles the advanced spell info in /spellcheck

  • /spellcheck <ign> - checks a person’s spell progress

  • /spellpvp - toggles whether or not harmful spells affect you (does not apply to HH and FF)

  • /sidealong - toggles your ability to sidealong apparate and portkey with others

  • /flex - changes the angle you need to turn in a direction to swish in that direction


/spawn to get to the Leaky Cauldron


  • /date and /calendar will help you know the current time on the server.

  • /house shows you your house information, including the common room password

  • /channels shows the available chat channels and their prefixes

  • /toggle shows the list of channels you can toggle, use /toggle <channel> to ignore a channel

  • /texture is used to update your automatically downloaded texture pack. If you manually install the pack, you probably won’t use this

  • /mgs <ign> <message> is used to message players. You cannot message admin+ unless they message you first. Use /r <message> to reply to the last person who messaged you or the last person you messaged

  • /list gives you a list of people online and their role