Build Code Rules

General Rules

In order to preserve the beauty of Knockturn’s public areas, we have certain rules when owning an apartment or location inside an area. If you break any of the rules, your permissions to own may be revoked if you fail to follow them after a warning, meaning any properties you own will be removed and your permission to purchase again, not allowed.

Editing Outside of a Building

Most buildings may be regioned correctly, but in the case a region is not properly regioned, we ask that someone not modify anything reflected on the exterior, this includes, but is not limited to, adding windows, adding banners (without owner permission), adding blocks outside, changing walls that will effect the exterior, or destroying walls.

Ugly Buildings

We ask that all buildings look like a normal dwelling, we don’t want an entire floor of fire or lava in a wooden house in diagon even if fire spread is off. To keep the server looking fresh, all builds in a public location are expected to look like a quality build and not something you might find in a half destroyed building in mining world.

Nether Portals

In any main server, Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, any public building is not permitted to have a nether portal. This is due to the fact that minecraft’s nether portals occasionally spawn in locations away from the original portal.

Blocking Doors

You are not permitted to make a doorway to an external area tiny and block it up with something to prevent people from entering unless you are actively remodeling the region & in which case your door should be solid and have no way of getting in. All doors should be at least 2 blocks wide and 3 blocks tall.

Using a Building

You must abide by the rules that a building must be put to use, this means if you buy a building and it stands empty for more than 30 days IRL then you may find it suddenly taken by the server and repurposed. All buildings must be filled with something of use.

Ceilings, Floors, Walls

Unless the floor is on the inside of the apartment itself, you may not break or modify any ceilings, floors, or walls. THIS INCLUDES A CEILING TO OUTSIDE. Roof escapes are not permitted. If you find you CAN edit these, please ask an admin or owner to reregion the area so you only have access to where you should be permitted to build.


In build areas, greetings should indicate who owns the region always. You should not have a farewell.

Shop/Apartment Limits

Depending on the region, there are restrictions to how many you can own. Except for Hogsmeade, you can choose what to do with a region, whether you use it for an apartment or a shop. If it’s an apartment, it can NOT have a shop sign in it. - Hogsmeade - 1 Shop and 1 Apartment - Diagon/Knockturn - 2 regions - London - 3 regions


To avoid causing lag, we ask you to avoid adding too many if any lag inducing blocks. - No active redstone systems - 16 single chests MAX - 16 signs MAX - 16 itemframes - Basically 16 at most of any tile entities Here’s a complete list of tile entities:

One Owner

A region may only have ONE owner. You can add whomever you want as a member, but you can only have One owner who is listed in the Greeting.

Owning an Office Rules


All offices are required to have a desk of NORMAL proportions to the build. Not a tiny desk, and not a giant desk.


In school offices, there should be a bed located somewhere.


All office objects should be to the scale of the build, not too large, or not too small.

Ugly Offices

To retain hogwarts integrity, all offices should look like a nice office, not a ‘fun’ build with fire everywhere.

When a Build Space will be revoked

Rule Breaking

If you receive more than 3 warnings, or you fail to comply with a warning, you will lose perms to a build space, and not be allowed to purchase any more properties.


You have 60 days before you are considered gone long enough to take a building. After that point, all your stuff will be removed, and all permissions will be revoked. Money is not refunded.


If you have been permanently banned from the server, or banned for longer than 60 days, your shop will be immediately revoked, no refunds will be granted.