HP Server Rules


The following rules need to be obeyed in addition to the rules for Knockturn Network



Moderation Rules

Spell Sharing

Spell sharing applies to any spell that is not currently in a public book. This means, if you gain access to a secret spell, you should not share it with everyone. However, helping your friends with it is permissible.

Reporting Roleplay Rules

Roleplay rules are supposed to add to the realism of being in hogwarts, the punishment for them is point related. Therefore, we don’t want reports of something breaking them on the forums

Intentionally Losing Points

Intentional loss of points is not permissible. If this occurs on another account as a tactic to help the other house win, both accounts will receive punishment.

Common Rooms

All users are permitted in all common rooms. However, they have to have a friend to let them in to get in. If someone is in a common room, we don’t want people to report them for being there. Everyone should have a chance to appreciate all the parts of the castle that are opened.

Common Room Passwords

Common Room passwords should be secret, so therefore sharing them and declaring in public places or in global is not permitted. Common room passwords sometimes change, if they do, use /house to check for the new password.

Roleplay Rules

All of these rules are for roleplay purposes, but if someone doesn’t stop doing them when caught, the issue will become a moderation issue since intentional loss of points is not permitted. So please be respectful when a professor tells you to stop.

Flying Inside

This is not permitted due to the fact that if you are flying inside, it is dangerous & you might break something. You can lose a number of points. (This obviously applies to brooms, but once again someone has to argue about what it applies)

Casting on Another User

Casting a spell without permission is not okay. If it’s just once, you will lose points, if it happens repetitively, it is not only a points infraction but harassment.

Killing at Hagrid’s Hut/in the Forbidden Forest

Killing/casting on others at Hagrid’s Hut and in the Forbidden Forest is permitted. However, if you are purposely killing the same person over and over and affecting their enjoyment of the server, it is a moderation rule. If you do it once, its a roleplay rule. This rule is very much a shade of gray.