Quidditch Rules


The Team

  1. A Team consists of 3 chasers, 2 beaters, 1 keeper and 1 seeker. They form the first string. The amount of players in the second string are not framed.

  2. Every team needs to have a captain, who manages the team, leads the tryouts and leads the team in general and in the games. The captain has to play atleast one match in every season and has the permission to give and take Quidditch player tags.

  3. Every Captain can declare a Co-captain who take some of the responsibilities, but not the permission to give and take Quidditch player tags, nor the responsibility to play atleast once every season.

  4. The Captain has to be first string player. The captain has to attend practices and play regularly.

  5. The team will vote after every season to declare a captain. It is not required to vote a new captain but considering the performance and leading properties in the previous season will be voted on, who will be captain. The voting has to be done in presence of a head of house. It does not need to be the head of the house the team belongs to, it can be any head of house (Pandetta Bell - Slytherin, Liam Blishwick - Gryffindor, Lisa Blishwick - Ravenclaw, Kat Kirkland - Hufflepuff).

Before the Match

  1. The teams have to have the minimum of players 5 minutes before the scheduled match and will be delayed no further than 5 minutes from starting due to mismatches, missing players. Permissions and others. Any further delay must be accepted by the opposing captain, else it will count as forfeit.

  2. Players who join after the 5 minutes preparing time, need the permission of the opposing captain or player in charge (in case the captain/co-captain didn’t show up)

  3. If a player disconnects after the 5 minutes mark, they have the chance to reconnect before the match starts without needing to ask the other team for permission to join.

  4. If a team member disconnects before the 5 minutes mark and reconnects after said mark, they have to ask for permission

The Game

  1. A Team only can play an official match, when they have at least 2 chasers, 1 keeper, 1 beater and 1 seeker online on the Quidditch server 5 minutes before the official time of the match us scheduled.

  2. The minimum of players has to be kept up during the entire match. If someone disconnects, they have 3 minutes to reconnect.

  3. The keeper must stay on the side of their team’s hoops. They must not cross the middle line. If they get caught doing it more than once, the team they belong to will lose the amount of 50 points from their total score everytime they get caught. If the keeper is getting caught 3 times a match, they will be suspended from the official matches for one game. If a keeper gets caught five times in a season, the keeper will be suspended from official matches for three matches.


  1. A Team has to forfeit when they have less than 5 players on their team in an official match. A Forfeit results in the a match result of 250 points difference. The forfeiting Team loses 250 points of their total score while the team that came up with enough players gets said amount added to their total score.

  2. A team can forfeit during a match only after the half of the match time. So before 15 minutes have been played, the team cannot forfeit.

  3. If a player disconnects, they have two minutes to reconnect. If the amount of players of a team falls and stays under 5 for longer than 3 minutes the team is forced to forfeit.

  4. If a player disconnects and doesn’t come back, the remaining players must still fulfill minimum position requirements (2 chasers, 1 beater, 1 seeker, 1 keeper), else the team is forced to forfeit.

  5. The hosting of a match shall not get affected by the teams. The match won’t be pushed back for waiting for a player. If the teams don’t have enough players at the officially scheduled start of the match, the team has to forfeit.

  6. The teams are not allowed to forfeit their last match of the season. If they have the required amount of players. They must play. If they forfeit, they will not just get the points malus, the will disqualified from the competition. Thus, they lose their chance of claiming the Quidditch cup, no matter how many points they scored.

  7. In case both teams have to forfeit both teams will lose 250 points from their total score. A new schedule of the match should be avoided.

  8. Any forfeits of games in order to the strategically win or stop a team from winning the cup will result in the forfeit being invalid and the captain and players involved being suspended from the official matches for a season (3 matches, no matter at what point they get suspended). We play Quidditch for having fun not for winning the cup.


  1. If a team forfeits too often, they may be put under review. At which point, they can message the official Quidditch manager (Maximilian Booth) or a Co-Owner you trust and give an anonymous review on how they feel about the team and what can be done to improve it. Whomever they choose to confide in will guarantee their anonymity and work with the team to find a solution.

  2. If all 6 matches of the season have been playd and the two leading teams are withing 50 points of eachother, there will be a final match at 6pm of the same day the last to official matches were played

  3. Practice times have to be scheduled on the booking channel that Captains and Co-Captains have access to. Quidditch house teams have priority on the pitch and all players have to leave the pitch when a house team has scheduled a practice for that time and shows up.