Class Rules

Class Rules

The following are typical rules given by professors. Depending on the professor, size of class, or topic, these rules

may be altered. The typical protocol for professors is as follows:

  • First Offense: Warning

  • Second Offense: 3-4 Points taken

  • Third Offense: 5 Points taken

  • Fourth Offense: Kicked from class or sent to detention.

No Talking Out

Speaking out is specifically prohibited in class due to the large amount of students that will attend. It also slows down an already long class, and makes what would take 60 minutes, 90 minutes. For this reason, speaking out is prohibited unless you raise your hand, and also are called on.

Raising/Lowering Hands

You should not spam raising and lowering hands. Professors have a list of who has raised their hands and can see who has done so from this list. If you have a question, wait patiently. Professors won’t instantly stop what they are doing to answer you, especially if they JUST started the class.

Using /me

/me is EXPLICITLY for actions. Using it to speak out, or say /me thinks “Words that are speaking out” is prohibited. Other people in real life cannot see what you are thinking, so therefoe /me is not for anything that is not an ACTION. Anything that would require someone to be a mind reader is not okay.

Keep Questions Relevant

Avoid questions such as whether or not there is homework, how long the class is, or anything that is not related to the current topic. They waste everyone’s time and make the class longer.

Don’t Announce Arrival or Departure

If you arrive late or need to leave early, please do so silently while class is going on. The professor really does not care, and announcing it only disrupts the class.

No Moving Around

Moving about is distracting. The only reason you should move is if the professor asks you to, or if you are moving about on your seat to avoid going afk.

Sitting in Desks

All users, whether staff or not, if not teaching or assisting the class, should be seated at a desk in a seat. NOT ON THE DESK, nor ON THE FLOOR. Two to a desk max.


Cheating in any shape or form is not permitted during class. While notes are permitted for quizzes, please do not use google or ask your house for answers. For exams cheating of any kind can lead to a loss of points for anyone involved.

No WWW Products or Bertie Beans

Using Weasley Wizard Wheezes products and eating Bertie botts every flavor beans are not allowed in class. WWW products are very distracting to students and the professor. Bertie beans can potentially harm you, also disrupting the class.

Do NOT Cast unless Permitted.

Unless the professor tells you to, wands should be safely stored in your bags. Some may permit non verbal spells so long as it is not spammy.