usage: /mailbox <username>

The mail box command is an admin command used to check the mailbox of a certain user. It can be used remotely by any with the permission to open a mailbox as well as open a mailbox that they do not own. The mailbox will function as if it is the user, and allow admins to take out items.


usage: /dormtrunk <username>

Used to check and modify a user’s dorm trunk. This is only supposed to help those with permission verify users have not stolen anything.


usage: /professormailbox

This command is used to open the professor mailbox (which is stored on the account KnockturnMC). This mailbox is unique in that it is being used to store things even though it technically belongs to a user. However, it is where all written homework is delivered.


usage: /mailcarriermark

This will toggle if you are marking a mailcarrier. When right clicking a mail carrier, it will apply or remove the mail carrier mark from the entity (Only entities that trigger the event PlayerInteractAtEntityEvent will function here). The original intention of this command is to be used on armorstands.