Sending Mail

The primary function of Feather Letters is that it keeps track of your mail. The mail system is simple in that it allows a user to access their mailbox from any creature marked as a mail carrier.

The mailbox has 4 buttons, send mail, send item, and depending on page and amount in mailbox, it allows you to swap pages.

Sending an Item

The send an item, you will need to click the send item button, hold the item in hand, then state the username to send to. If you would like to provide a message you should add that after the username.

ie: iarepandemonium hello this is a message.

This will send an item with the message “hello this is a message” on it.

Sending Mail

Mail can either be sent by doing /mail <username> <message> or by using the mail button in the mail menu. If you do not have a permission to surpass it, /mail can only be used within 15 blocks of an owl.

If using the icon the message should be sent much like how an Item is sent, but it will not send an item.

ie: iarepandemonium hello this is also a message

This will send a mail message with the message “hello this is also a message” on it.

Three Methods of Sending Mail

Users should be able to send mail to individuals by setting the first parameter are the username. This should function for both regular mail, as well as mailing items.

ie: iarepandemonium this is a message.

Additionally, all users should be able to send mail using list:, though only those with permissions to do so can attach an item with the message.

ie: list:iarepandemonium,thisisduck,vcam123 This is a message.

Only those with permission to do so should be able mass message, which sends everyone online within the last 7 days a message.

ie: * this is a mass message.