Dorm Trunks

Dorm Trunks allow users to access a double chest worth of inventory from their dorm. This allows them to hold items when they have no room in enderchest and no room in any other location. Dorm chests are accessed in the user’s dorm based on the gender set on their profile.

Three Genders

There are currently 3 possible genders for those who wish to use dorms. The genders are Wizard, Witch, and Wix. A wizard can only open their dorm chest in the wizard side of a dorm, a witch can only access it in the witch side, and a wix has access to either side, whichever they feel most akin to that day or in general.

House Specific

Dorm chests are only possible to be opened in the specific house that the user is in. You cannot open a hufflepuff chest if you are in slytherin.